Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Their World, March 2014

Soon these monthly posts won't feature snowsuits.

I won't miss them.

27.February.2014 - Child labour.

03.March.2014 - Toys R Us while daddy was in Switzerland. 

05.March.2014 - Sledding with friends. The hill to themselves. Homeschooling win.

12.March.2014 - March Break and Messy Hair at a Chapters Lego event.

13.March.2014 - 10 minutes early for the neurologist... who was 45 minutes late. Result: a 55 minute game of Eye Spy.

16.March.2014 - Settles of Catan on a Sunday afternoon. Peter won. And there were snack.

The next photographer in this series is Mandy Mester. Her black and whites are magical. Go see.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Their World, February 2014

Another month with a fair bit of illness in our house. I'm sick and tired of it (see what I did there?). I'm really hoping that warmer weather and more vitamin D will improve our chances. This month saw lots of reading, lots of playing, lots of days spent in pyjamas (or "jothes" as Simon calls them... jammies + clothes = jothes), lots of learning and schooling (and some tears shed), and yet more snow. 

We also celebrated Valentine's Day with a few friends. In our case, a "few" was 25 kids and 6 moms. I love throwing parties and making these days special for the kids. There are so many benefits to homeschooling, but there are also some fun parts of school that I don't want them to miss out on. I hope their childhood is full of memories of happy times like these.

01.29.2014 - Reading. Not all four kids, but 3 kids + 2 kittens. Good enough.

01.30.2014 - Simon and Andrew consented to play Little People with Eloise. She was one happy little girl.

02.02.2014 - Playing outside. An elusive smile from the 10 year old; swings and big jumps for the others.

02.07.2014 - Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. 

02.13.2014 - From our Valentine's Day party. 4 kids + 2 kittens. Win.

02.22.2014 - Saturday morning screen time. The kids get an hour on the weekends (and then spend the rest of their time begging/scheming/working for more). Kittens are both present. Peter was working. The pile of laundry to be folded is representative of me. ;)

There are 10 lovely ladies participating in the circle, the next one is Ruthie from Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs, with her FIVE have a little tea party. Wonder if I can convince the boys to have tea with Eloise this afternoon...?

*The "Their World" blog series was dreamed up by Jude from Jude Wood Photography.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Their World, January 2014

"Their World" is a project that I've joined with some other moms/photographers/bloggers, with the goal of capturing our children, together, doing what they normally do. In their world. 

I want photos of all four of them together.

Doing what they do.

I spend so much time photographing other families, put so much care into editing the images, and so much effort into telling their stories. I want to be more deliberate in photographing my own children and recording their stories.

Our stories.

I blogged all of, what, three times last year? It makes me cry to think of all the little frustrating and funny and sweet and wonderful moments that I didn't record. But this is a new year and I think this project is exactly what I need to motivate/push/force me to blog.

Since I didn't join this circle until last week, I'll be reaching back to the end of last year for my first two images, but then my goal will be to post one image from each week. One image with all four kids.

I will award myself bonus points for getting either or both kittens in a shot.

big snow - 12.20.2013

Christmas Eve - 12.24.2013

Andrew's family birthday, 5 years old (and the beginnings of H1N1 for Liam) - 01.03.2014

Andrew's party with friends... and Grandma (who brings gifts for everyone) - 01.20.2014

Museum of Science on the day Grandma left - 01.23.2014

If you enjoyed these, Jude is next. She has an absolutely magical way of seeing her children.